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Play at the right level - RED,Orange,Green  

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2017 FALL  Events are Posted        

October 8,        Sunday         Red Ball                           San Jose SRC             1:00pm  -   3:00pm       San Jose

October 15,      Sunday      * COMBO (Red /Orange)        Kennedy HS                4:00pm   -   6:00pm       Fremont

October 21,      Saturday      Green Ball                       Oak Grove HS             1:30pm   -   3:30pm       San Jose

November 5,    Sunday         Red Ball                          San Jose SRC             1:00pm   -   3:00pm       San Jose

November 19,  Sunday         Green Ball                      Kennedy HS                 2:30pm   -   4:30pm       Fremont

2018 TENNIS GRAND PRIX ........     February  2018    ** Orange & Green Ball **    Location TBD

Orange Ball     and      Green Ball 

Welcome to Benchmark Tennis an all inclusive tennis program where your child will develop according to a Common Coaching Pathway.

We are a group of Certified USPTA Elite and PTR Tennis Professionals from Palo Alto to San Jose who are committed to providing match play events where players meet a our playing   standards.  Our Coaching Council provides positive feedback after all Benchmark events to coaches and parents to ensure your child is on the correct pathway. 

Our Mission: We offer match play events that bridge the gap between clinics and tournaments by requiring youth tennis players to meet or exceed our benchmark criteria before competing. 

Who we are: We are a group of tennis professionals who are committed to developing Red, Orange, and Green (ROG) tennis players through level-based play that’s both healthy for individual growth and provides a competitive value.

What are the results: Players apply their athletic skills to improve tactically and technically while building confidence through match play.  They learn to play the game with good sportsmanship and experience various styles of play.  Matches consistently produce meaningful results which are available to all players and their coaches.  

Why does it work: Match play events provide the best competitive environment for youth players to excel.   Players have the opportunity to practice point construction, moving between defense and offense, and develop mental toughness.  By upholding playing standards, players are competitive, play in a level-based positive environment, get more than 90 minutes play, and parents are satisfied. 

Our goal To gain active participation through match play.  To be a leader in the ROG play environment by bridging the gap that parents and players are looking for today.

Our vision: To develop the tremendous potential in the sport of tennis to be a healthy and fun form of exercise through ROG (Red, Orange, Green) level-based play in a positive environment that consistently meets our customers’ expectations.

Player’s participation:
Players who meet our standards but do not have the financial capacity to participate will be considered for scholarship.

Coaches Participation:  We extend an open invitation to other tennis professionals to collaborate with us in offering match play events at various venues throughout the area. 

Benchmark Tennis helps youth tennis players Succeed, and Bridges the USTA GAP!

Our players become friends very quickly and look forward to seeing each other at practices and matches.


Celebrate their accomplishments after their match play event.

Players receive a Benchmark Tennis Medal for good sportsmanship

From clubs to parks to schools Players come form various programs.

   Tennis  Friendships                  Achievement

A Benchmark Player

After School

        ... Where players and parents expectations are exceeded