... Where players and parents expectations are exceeded

Students who participate in Benchmark Tennis will be better prepared for USTA Events

Our committed tennis professionals are organizing events in your are based on the following.  Each level will have a beginning and advanced grouping.

RED LEVEL                       36 foot court                   Red Felt ball                        7- Point Tie Breaker

ORANGE LEVEL               60 foot court                   Orange Felt ball                  10- Point Tie Breaker

GREEN LEVEL                  78 foot court                   Green Dot Felt Ball             10- Point Tie Breaker

All Matches are timed

Our coaches will

evaluate your child

and make sure that

they are at the right

level.  Contact us to

set up an evaluation

Benchmark Coaches have embraced the 12 and Under pathway and use the proper Nets, Balls, Courts and line-out the 36 foot and 60 foot courts.  We pride ourselves on that fact that we believe in continued education and use what we learn to make our programs more effective and fun.


Levels of Play


Simple strokes are demonstrated and then the player is given enough opportunity to develop the stroke.





Our unique and diverse group of coaches have agreed to follow our proven method of coaching that is a collection of best practices, ideas, trials and errors.


All Benchmark Tennis Junior Tennis events are Match Play!

By forming a group of dedicated tennis professionals who believe in a Common Coaching Pathway (CCP), we can provide the necessary coaching, and  training so that our students expectations are exceeded and result in better play.

We have developed and set standards for all ages and levels of play that ensure that match play activity will be a positive and rewarding experience.   The coaching, playing and advancing segments of our programs are the key to your child's success.  

Our Coaches want kids to be successful wherever they are in their stage of development.  Students will be able to play matches when they have achieved the requirements in the Match Play Criteria.  And they will advance to the next level ( Ball Color) when they have achieved the requirements in the advancement criteria.


 78 foot court


60 foot court

RED Level

36 Foot Court