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May   12        Saturday              Green Ball                           Los Gatos SRC                     5:00pm   -   7:00pm          Host:  Noi Chery                      noichery@gmail.com 

May   20        Sunday                Orange  Ball                         Kennedy HS                          3:00pm   -   5:30pm         Host:   Carol Conidi                 cjc10s@aol.com
May   20       Sunday                 Red Ball                                San Jose SRC                       1:00pm   -    3:00pm         Host:   Leslie Johnson           leslie@sjsrc.com

June   3       Sunday                Orange Ball                            Los Gatos SRC                     5:00pm   -    7:00pm        Host:   Noi Chery                     noichery@gmail.com


June   3       Sunday               Green Ball                               Kennedy H.S.                       3:00pm   -  5:00pm           Host:  Carol Conidi                  cjc10s@aol.com    

June  23      Saturday             Red / Orange Ball                   Kennedy H.S.                       3:00pm   -   5:00pm         Host   :Carol Conidi                  cjc10s@aol.com

July   14      Saturday             Green Ball                                Kennedy H.S.                       3:00pm  -   5:00pm           Host: Carol Conidi                   cjc10s@aol.com


July   15      Sunday                Red  Ball                                  San Jose SRC                    1:00pm  -      3:00pm          Host:  Leslie Johnson              leslie@sjsrc.com

July   28      Saturday             Red / Orange                           Kennedy HS                        3:00pm   -    5:00pm          Host:  Carol  Conidi                  cjc10s@@aol.com

August  4    Saturday            Green Ball                                 Los Gatos SRC                   5:00pm  -     7:00pm          Host: Noi Chery                        noichery@gmail.com

August  5   Sunday               Red Ball                                     San Jose SRC                     1:00pm    -    3:00pm         Host: Leslie Johnson               leslie@sjsrc.com

August 11  Saturday             Red / Orange Ball                     Kennedy H.S.                      3:00pm  -    5:00pm          Host : Carol Conidi                     cjc10s@aol.com



Please email the HOST Coach5 days prior to the event to reserve a spot in the match play event.

Register - Early-  Events do fill up quickly



Tennis Classic  Event  will be at FREMONT TENNIS CENTER.  

August,  2018   Date to follow soon

ORANGE BALL:    1:00pm - 3:30pm

GREEN BALL:     3:00pm  - 5:30pm



To sign up for an event please email or contact your tennis professional.  All Match Play registration must be finalized seven

( 7 ) days prior to the start of the event.  Late adds will be accepted with approval of the host pro.  Please arrive 15 minutes

prior to the start of the event in order to check in and get court assignments.  If you cannot make it to the event, please

contact the host pro as soon as possible. Refunds will be issued only to those who notify the host pro 4 days prior to the

event.  We will have a Registration Form for each individual Match Play event that includes payment information.

Payment is $30.00 per player for all Benchmark events.    Same Day Drop in $40.00 per player

If you are new and would like to join one of our programs please send us a message via "Contact Us" and we will respond

to you with information with in 48 hours.